Eric J. Pabón Cancel

Eric J. Pabón Cancel

Ph.D. Student, Department of Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences Building, Office 609
Purdue University, West Lafayette

About Me

I am currently a Mathematics Ph.D. student at Purdue University. I am a former Research Intern at the 2023 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Summer Research Program, where I researched machine learning under Group 39 of Division 3, as part of the National GEM Consortium Fellowship Employer Internship. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM). Some of my hobbies include origami, watching movies, enjoying nature, and playing percussion instruments. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email.

Research Interests

My research interests lean towards Algebra and Number Theory, though I am eager to explore other areas of mathematics, such as Computational Mathematics, Scientific Computing and Machine Learning.

Papers and Preprints

  • E.J. Pabon-Cancel and R.M. Ortiz-Albino. Properties of t(n)-primes. (In progress).
  • S. Polk, E.J. Pabon-Cancel, R. Paleja, K. Chestnut-Chang, R. Jensen and M. Ramirez. Unsupervised Network-Based behavior Inference from human Action Sequences (UNBIAS). Submitted.
  • A. Allen, E.J. Pabon-Cancel, L. Polanco and F. Piñero-Gonzalez. Improving the Dimension Bound of Hermitian-Lifted Codes. Submitted.
  • D. Chen, P.E. Harris, J. Carlos Martinez Mori, E.J. Pabon-Cancel, and G. Sargent. Permutation Invariant Parking Assortments. Enumerative Combinatorics and Applications. 4:1, 1-25 (2024). #S2R4.
    DOI: arXiv:
  • I. Byrne, N. Dodson, R. Lynch, E.J. Pabon-Cancel and F. Piñero-Gonzalez. Improving the Minimum Distance Bound of Trace Goppa Codes. Designs, Codes and Cryptography. 91, 2649–2663 (2023).
    DOI: arXiv:

Contributions to the profession

  • P.E. Harris, Z. Markman, L. Martinez, A. Mock, E.J. Pabón-Cancel, A. Verga, and S. Wang. A Model for a One-Hour Workshop on Mentoring. MAA Focus, 43(1):18-21, 2023.
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